Sydikos, the heroic Greek sailor captain, is rumored to have lived for well over two thousand years. He has known the greats -- Homer, Plato, Aristotle -- and if the stories can be believed, he may have even cavorted with Bacchus at one time. His paintings and sculptures have survived the ages to become world-renowned and students have studied his classic techniques.

But how times have changed; no longer are the people content to visit the great libraries to study his works and the stories they contain. In these modern times, we each carry our own portable tablets of granite and glass and use them to read and engrave our own messages. Such quickly chiseled works lack the emotion and expression of the past masters and Sydikos realized that this loss must be remedied.

And so Sydikos has taken on an Apprentice, one knowledgeable in the ways of the hand-held glass tablets. They worked diligently through 99 nights and 99 days. They fortified themselves with the Elixir of Cappuccino. They tested and toiled. Finally, by harnessing the power of a thousand tall ships, they miniaturized his great sculptures to fit on the tip of your finger. Now, these works occupy only a single inch and a breath of thickness, allowing them to be shared via the glass tablets of the common man and woman and instantly fused with everyday goods. These new FeelieFaces enable the expression of true feelings, with the help of a master artist.

A modest gentleman, Sydikos asks that future generations refrain from creating statues and tributes in thanks for this gift of FeelieFaces. His portion of the meagre fees for these works have been donated to feed and clothe other lowly apprentices at the local temple of artistic study known as MCAD.